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Sangria, Tapas and Spanish Beer on Division

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It’s as if everything’s making you think of Spain right now.

Nadal. That bailout. The Spanish national soccer team. Your regularly scheduled dream visit from Penélope Cruz.

Speaking of which: Black Bull, a well-tailored little Spanish outpost stocked with all the fruit-laden wine and spicy gazpacho you possibly could ever want, is now open.

It’s from the guys behind Hubbard Inn and Angels & Mariachis. In fact, this is the old Angels & Mariachis. But one day, they decided los mariachis were out, los toros were in. Next thing you know, you’re sitting under handmade lanterns in a handsome wood-paneled cabin, eating ibérico ham, drinking a hearty garnacha and looking at oil paintings of bulls.

It’s basically your Madrid away from Madrid. It’s relaxed enough for you to spend a weekend evening on the front patio, where you and your mixed-doubles partner can hoist a celebratory cava and munch a few shishito peppers.

But when you just want to keep it even more low-key, sit at the bar with good Spanish beer—or Marisol, a white ale from Rick Bayless and Goose Island—and order some prawns.

Aka the Spanish version of Chex Mix.


Black Bull
1721 W Division St
(at Hermitage)
Chicago, IL, 60622


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