Chowder from 1860 in the South End

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You own a few of them. Some of them are even first editions.

Notably missing: cookbooks and cocktail books from 300 years ago.

Unlike the guy behind the newest neighborhood joint in the South End, who is using them to make you dinner.

Say hello to Kitchen, a cask ale and historical-recipe’d comfort food haven rising up in the old Pops space, soft-opening tomorrow on Tremont.

Brought to you by the Marliave and Grotto team, this is your cozy new South End home base when you want the real classics. The menu here is comprised of dishes from first-edition cookbooks stretching back to the 1700s (yes, they’ve been dusted).

So say dear old Dad’s one request for Father’s Day is that he gets his hands on the kind of clam chowder his dad’s dad’s dad enjoyed in 1860. Head in here, grab a booth or a seat in the atrium out back, and order said chowder with cod, monkfish, clams, pork and even hardtack (basically the hardscrabble ancestor to oyster crackers).

You can also just roll in here with a few office mates for de-work-ifying pints of Harpoon cask ale. Or perhaps a gin-and-orange-bitters Abbey, the first drink listed in their Savoy Cocktail Book from the 1930s.

Feel free to start making your way through it alphabetically.

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