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Pork Rind Cracker Jacks and Beer in River North

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You know how it goes.

An after-work beer turns into dinner. Dinner turns into drinks. Drinks turn into... more drinks. More drinks turn into...

... stopping for sliders at 2am.

Let’s streamline that: meet Stout Barrel House & Galley, a handsome River North alehouse able to help you with any of the above, opening today.

It’s in the former Manor space, but they changed everything except the 4am license. Which means now you can slip in here after work for nearly 30 beers on draft and snack on their version of Cracker Jacks. It’s made with caramel corn, wasabi peas and pork rinds. So much better than a rub-on tattoo.

Next, you might well decide to give the oxtail tortellini (with smoked fennel and espresso consommé) a whirl. But since they offer cocktail pairings, a Northwoods South (made with Wisconsin moonshine, mint, citrus and strawberry-white-tea syrup) also might catch your eye. Go with it.

By midnight, you could find yourself trapped in a booth eating fried ice cream sundaes and knocking back Moscow Mules with three girls named Svetlana (at least you think there are three of them). Don’t panic. Order Animal Fries, doused in white cheddar sauce and studded with oxtail. And before you leave, request a box of 30 sliders topped with fried quail eggs to go.

Get something for the Svetlanas, too.

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