The News Lounge

Good News

Porch Swings and Pool Tables on Biscayne

You're always on the lookout for the latest and greatest. But some things occasionally slip through your radar.

We're referring to The News Lounge in the MiMo District, open for a little while now and steadily building buzz as the neighborhood's laid-back cocktail den of record.

Mark Soyka's latest, News is part of the 55th Street Station empire that already includes a likeable restaurant (Soyka) and pizza bar (Andiamo). Come for a relaxing night out with a date or friends and you won't be disappointed—the courtyard is lush, the outdoor pool table is...outdoors, and there're plenty of porch swings on which to lazily sip a cold Pisco Sour (bring your own mason jar).

For a less backyardsy feel, head indoors, where the retro-industrial décor offers three distinct seating areas. There's the saloon bar, embellished with auto-loving touches like Mercedes hubcaps and steering wheels; the two-story main room, for when you're feeling the urge for a Fritz Lang/Art Deco experience (stare deeply into the many Metropolis stills); and the dimly lit mirror room, for when you and your date require a little extra privacy.

You wouldn't want anything winding up in the papers...


The News Lounge
55th St
(at NE. 4th Ct)
Upper East Side
Miami, FL, 33137

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