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The Wizard of Oz in Lounge Form

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New York City.

Las Vegas.

The Wizard of Oz.

All related to your nightlife plans this week. No, really.

What we’re talking about: Emerald Lounge, a spacious and sexy bar/dance mecca themed after the story with Dorothy and Toto, opening this Thursday at the new Revere Hotel in the Theatre District.

There’s no yellow brick road and no Tin Man here. Otherwise, this is basically the lounge version of the Emerald City. It’s got a brushed-steel art installation of a tornado and a 15-seat green onyx bar. It’s also got low leather sofas, floor-to-ceiling mirrors, LED lights and a state-of-the-art sound system—all the things you’d expect from the same team behind NYC’s Gansevoort and Vegas’s Palms.

So you’ll roll in with a few buddies and belly up to said bar, starting things off with utensil-free small plates (oyster shooters, sliders, fish tacos) and an Emerald Punch (vodka, cognac, ginger beer). Then, maybe a Boston Shandy (whiskey, apple cider and Shipyard Export Ale) and some dancing with a good witch.

Oh, and should you be headed to the unisex bathrooms, don’t be shocked if you hear the clinking of glasses and popping of corks. There’s another cozy land to be discovered in the back, the kind for VIPs and velvet-rope jumpers, if you catch our drift.

No, not the Munchkins.

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