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A Sultry SoBe Den with Duck-Fat Bourbon

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So, the bath salt thing.

That was disturbing. That was weird. That was terrifying.

Quick, let’s change the topic.



Oh, apparently, you can get a duck-breast bourbon now or something...

Welcome to Lantao Social Club, a sexy Asian den serving up duck-fat-infused cocktails and Korean BBQ bites, opening June 11 next to Lantao Kitchen + Cocktails in the Surfcomber.

So tonight: this place can’t help you. Sorry. But next time you have a hankering for some five-spice whiskey drinks set to live funk and blues—like, say, in a little over a week—this is your spot.

What you want to do is head here with a bunch of friends (ones who aren’t adverse to a little dancing/lounging/meat in their beverages). Commandeer one of the low-rise couches in the midst of hand-blown orbs, carved animal sculptures and glass tables littered with authentic Asian matchbooks (corner booths: overrated). Then, start ordering small plates of charred fish tacos and duck crepes.

Oh, and speaking of duck, you can drink it here, too. Just ask the bartender for a Breakfast of Champions. It’s a duck-fat-infused bourbon with apricot and Cynar. Tastes a bit like Thanksgiving in a cup.

Okay, that sounds incredibly grosser than it really is.


Lantao Social Club
at the Surfcomber Hotel
1717 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL, 33139


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