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A Bar That’s Open Until 7am

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You never know when you’ll need a good, strong drink.

That’s why God/Carl Flask invented the flask.

And also why it’s so important for us to tell you about this bar.

A bar that’s open until 7am.

Meet Will Call, a vaudeville-style music hall that’s serving up stiff drinks and live music until sunrise, now soft-open in Downtown.

Yes, this place pours cocktails until way after the wee hours. And basically, it looks like a set piece taken straight from Gangs of New York... which is to say, there’s a stage crafted from vintage barn wood that’s been draped in purple velvet curtains (alas, no knife-throwing act).

Also inside: a tufted-leather bar (with horse-saddle seating), corset-clad bartenders (with fishnet stockings) and a whole gang of small-batch bourbons.

Ideally, you’ll come here at a time between 11pm and breakfast. On any given night, you’ll be able to catch a blues band or a burlesque troupe on the main stage. And on any given night starting in two weeks, you’ll be able to fill up on classic bar food (think burgers, chili and the like) from the kitchen.

But it’s essential that before you leave, you wander toward the bathroom. There’s a stretch of fringe-covered wall there. Lift the fringe. Behold. It’s a mural dedicated to partially nude “ladies of the night.”

Of course, you’ll only look for the articles.

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