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A French Stunner from the Custom House Folks

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Sorry to do this, but we need one tiny favor before you head out into the great Memorial Day yonder...

Have some pâté.

You see, Maison, a stunning French boîte from the people who brought you Custom House, opens tonight. Of course, it will be there when you return, fully tanned and rested, just in case you ever need...

A Millennium Park Champagne Kickoff
The front café, light and bright with a long bar pouring French wine on tap, is an easy place for an aperitif and a thick burger before dashing across the street. The owners are even toying with the idea of creating to-go picnic baskets later this year—in case your picnic lacks sufficient croque-monsieurs.

Floating Islands of Meringue
In the dining room, things get more moody—enormous black-lace chandeliers and gas fireplaces set the scene for pitching woo over Parisian gnocchi, duck confit and French pastry. Black lace = high woo potential.

Lunch with a View...
But perhaps you run a small presidential campaign nearby. Grab a seat on that long pink sofa for exquisite views of Lakeshore East—not to mention views of the kitchen working on your steak frites.

You know: just like Lincoln used to do it.

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