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Libraries: founts of knowledge and brainpower.

Barbershops: dens of socializing and hair management.

Combine them both and you get: a very unsanitary library.

Or this...

Say hello to Public Barber Salon, a second, more literary-minded outpost of the Tenderloin haircutting joint, now open in North Beach.

If City Lights bookstore opened a barbershop in the back, you’d have this. Picture it: a wide-open space harboring 3,700 books and four ’50s-era vintage black barber chairs, all situated under bright clusters of lightbulbs.

You’ll come here for anything that can be done with scissors and an electric razor: a trim, a beard trim, a buzz cut, a fade. (Basically everything short of a full-cast revival of Sweeney Todd.)

If you want, you can grab a cold can of Hamm’s or PBR from the ’70s Pepsi machine. Then settle in and do some light reading—the books on hand include novels from the likes of Kipling, Pearl S. Buck and Fitzgerald, not to mention encyclopedias and dictionaries (to help you understand novels from Kipling, Buck and Fitzgerald).

And should you find yourself engrossed, something can be arranged by way of a lending policy.

After all, you’ll be back in two to four weeks.


Public Barber Salon
1528 Grant Ave
(at Union)
San Francisco, CA, 94133


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