Brunch Everlasting

Brunch, with a Side of Burlesque

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Brinner. Lessert. Snackfast. All meal-related combo words have a place in your heart and your life.

But right now, let’s take a moment to celebrate the original: brunch.

Actually, let’s take every moment of every day...

Introducing RSVP, a lucid dream of a lounge restaurant from Jon Bakhshi (of Greenhouse), where foie gras dumplings, eternal brunching and jazz bands meet at your table, taking reservations now for June 1 in SoHo.

Subtlety. No, not here. At first glance, it’s your classic group dinner spot/club for serious folks. But look closer. Giant vanity logos on the wall. Mascarpone-stuffed french toast flying around at all hours. There’s something else going on here.

All you really need to know is that it’s got clusters of chandeliers, color-changing running lights surrounding its curved black banquettes and the unavoidable presence of a velvet-curtained stage overlooking everything. Scantily clad performers are assured. Also: New York Philharmonic members. So... yeah, be adaptable.

Above all else, just know where you need to be. When you get in, don’t go left. Sure, it’s a perfect open-window, sunny-all-the-time brunch spot, but don’t go left. And right: big mistake. Nothing but marble-topped cocktail bar there. No. Go past all of it until you’re funneled down a short flight of stairs just off the stage. And bring friends who are willing to put up with burlesque with their truffle egg toast.

So, maybe all of them.

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