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Babe Ruth’s Mansion, by the Numbers

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You probably know about Babe Ruth. Home run hitter. Hard partier. Candy bar muse. What you may not know: he once owned a cheery little mansion in Sudbury. Well, now that mansion is for sale. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Square feet of house: 5,000
Square feet of adjacent barn: 5,000
Century built: 19th
Listing price: $1,650,000
Days on the market: 9
Years occupied by Ruth: 1922-26
Rooms containing burn marks on the wood floor from the Bambino tapping out pipe ash: 1
Wives he infuriated doing so: 1
Vintage pictures of Babe included with the house: several
Number of those featuring Ruth in front of the barn: at least one
Motorcycles previous owner stored inside it: 20
Local legends of Babe tossing a piano into nearby Willis Lake: 1
Pianos ever found in Willis Lake: 0
Nearby trees you could carve “Wonderboy”-style bats out of: thousands

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