PT: A Pop-Up Restaurant in the Talbott Hotel

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That Pop-Up from the Mercadito Guys...

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Fame. Money. Youth. Power. Hemlines. Boy bands.

Nothing is forever. Except for one thing. So get ready. Here it is. The single enduring, immutable truth in the universe...

Fried chicken is good.

That’s it. Well, okay. The perfect ice-cold martini at the end of a hard day is pretty great, too. But just those two things. Unless you count how awesome oysters are. Which you probably should.

So... anyway: the pleasure destination PT: A Pop-Up Restaurant in the Talbott Hotel is slated to open this Wednesday. Just don’t get comfortable.

This is just a delicious placeholder of sorts. The guys behind some little joints in town you may have heard of (Tavernita, Mercadito) have signed on to transform the restaurant by the fall.

In the meantime, when you need grilled pizza, a po’boy or just a Whiskey Smash, head into the front lounge or onto that tree-lined front patio. But honestly, all-you-can-eat nightly specials will be the draw.

So imagine. It’s Wednesday. And you need wings. Lots of wings. But you’re on a date. This is your spot. Or it’s Friday. You’re craving fried chicken. Same deal. And then Sunday, as we know, is the day you will not be denied another platter of sausages. You’re so here. Incidentally, they’ll also have complimentary soft-serve tastings.

There’s always room for free ice cream.


PT: A Pop-Up Restaurant in the Talbott Hotel
10 E Delaware Pl
(between Rush and State)
Chicago, IL, 60611


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