Overhead Projections

The Rooftops You’ll Drink on This Summer

This f**king fickle weather. Sorry for the language. It’s an ugly word, “fickle.” But now that the sun is out—for the moment, at least—we bring news of late-breaking developments in your outdoor drinking options.

Roof on the Wit

Roof on the Wit

What’s New: Start with the fact that Roof now has a glass roof. A retractable glass roof. Throw in LED light shows and a forthcoming DJ booth, and basically it’s your own 27th-floor cocktailing Astrodome.
What’s Not: The views. The champagne. The brisket sliders. All right where you left them.
Net Gain: Rainproof cocktails.



What’s New: Bigger booths with—drumroll, please—no bottle service required. That means more room for dancing, and snacks like charcuterie plates, in case you need energy.
What’s Not: That whole West Loop meets Miami Beach vibe.
Net Gain: Taking a seat just got a lot less expensive.

Now open, Market, 1113 W Randolph St (at May), 312-929-4787

FFC West Loop/PlayBar

FFC West Loop/PlayBar

What’s New: The bar. The pool. The fire pit. The lounge. So let’s review: a gym with a bar. And it’s not East Bank Club.
What’s Not: The adjacent gym; the fact that you have to be a member (or a guest of one) to enter.
Net Gain: New friends with FFC memberships, apparently.

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