Mini-Golf at Strike Miami

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Late-Night Black-Light Mini-Golf

6 Photos Mini-Golf at Strike Miami
None 6 Photos Mini-Golf at Strike Miami
Chevy Chase.

Now there’s a guy who knew how to take a road trip.

Also, become a golf ball.

And tonight, you’re going to channel him. Well, the golfing part, at least.

Because things are about to get extremely Caddyshack-y in Doral.

Welcome to Mini-Golf at Strike Miami, a bowl-a-rama... that happens to be attached to a brand-new indoor (really), PGA-approved (not really) putt-putt, now soft-open.

Good news. Strike, that tenpin alley with the killer burgers, now has a golf course (of the mini variety). All you need to know: A) It’s indoors and air-conditioned (great after a week of 90-degree heat and hailstorms). B) There’s a bar (great after you just spent 20 minutes trying to putt around a plastic hippo).

So tonight, late night (it’s open until 5am on weekends), you’ll throw on something plaid and/or polyester and/or pleated, and round up a foursome. Once you reach the front nine (also, the only nine), order a Bucket of Bubbles (four bottles of portable Moët) and, for a small fee, some balls and clubs.

Standing between you and shooting par: hazards like inconveniently placed seals, tiki gods, garden gnomes, a 10-foot peg-legged pirate and the occasional moments when you’re plunged into black-light darkness.

Night-vision goggles: automatic one-stroke penalty.


Mini-Golf at Strike Miami
at Dolphin Mall
11401 NW 12th St
Miami, FL, 33172


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