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Crab Cakes and Oysters on Hubbard Street

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There is work.

There is play.

And occasionally... well, more than occasionally, actually... you find yourself in need of a place that can effortlessly blend these two realms.

Something like: Mercer One Thirteen, where a lunch over Wagyu burgers with clients can smoothly transition to champagne toasts at midnight... with whomever you damn well please, opening tomorrow.

As you enter this place, you’ll have to make a choice. Go left and you’ll find a room with accordion windows open to Hubbard, LED-lit pillars and murals of spring, summer, fall and winter. You’ll also find stacks of plates on the tables for sharing, so you’ll want to begin ordering fried oysters, crab cakes and bacon-wrapped scallops for the table. If everyone behaves: a round of Dragon Fruit Mojitos.

If your power lunch gives way to power dinner, you’ll rely on blue-cheese-crusted filet medallions and sliced pork chops for sustenance. And for power cocktails, you’ll head to the other side of the place, a low-lit lounge with late-night table service.

Actually, you could have started here if you had taken a right when you entered.

But never second-guess yourself.

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