You Versus the Volcano

Having Your Way with an Icelandic Volcano

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You’ve been looking to get even with the beastly Icelandic volcano ever since it blew two summers ago, turning your trip to Europe into an extended stay in the Admirals Club.

Problem is: you still can’t get in.

So you’ll just have to invade a neighboring volcano instead.

Welcome to The Ultimate Volcano Adventure, a cavalier plunge into the nearby Thrihnukagigur volcano where the possibilities are endless, taking reservations now for June and July.

This is the world’s only customizable recreational journey inside a volcanic cone. Your window: six weeks this summer, when Iceland’s scientists are conducting aftermath research... and its tourism board is soliciting crazy ideas for things to do on the inside. Your prerogative: unrestrained tube exploration. “Unplugged” sets with killer natural reverb. Extreme handball. You name it, they’ll entertain it.

Your only mandatory companion: a local university geologist. (You’re imagining a more bookish Denise Richards.We won’t stop you.) Together, you’ll pile into an open-air gondola suspended above the mouth of the cone. Inside the car, you’ll descend down a wire into a narrow cave chute until you hit a rock floor the size of a football field, with red and yellow walls illuminated by studio lights.

Perfect ambiance for an impromptu fondue party.

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