St. Vincent

All Saints

A Handsome New Temple of Wine and Beer

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This weekend, you Derby.

Later this weekend, you Cinco.

But then, come Monday... you do this.

Presenting St. Vincent, a low-key new wine tavern that just so happens to pay a fair bit of attention to beer, opening Monday in the old Heart Wine Bar space in the Mission.

You will never, ever go thirsty here.

It’s dimly lit. Cozy. Full of half-bottles of chianti and beer. So bring a date. A very thirsty date.

Take over the zinc bar and prepare to make the most difficult decision of your night and/or life. You’ll pick either...

... Wine. There’s a list of 100 bottles under $100, plus a reserve list of hard-to-find barolos and burgundies from owner/sommelier David Lynch. (The guy from Quince, plus Babbo and the Spotted Pig in NYC. Not the guy who directed Dune.) PS—all the bottles can be ordered to go, wine-shop-style. Or...

... Beer. There’s a beer sommelier (great business card, we assume), and everything on tap is local-ish—much of it’s hand-delivered straight from the breweries for max freshness. We’re talking Craftsman 1903 Lager and Linden Street’s Urban Peoples’ Common Lager.

Either way, you’ll want to eat—maybe some spring lamb for two, maybe some fried smelt and bone marrow on charred bread.

You can never get enough smelt.


St. Vincent
1270 Valencia St
(at 24th St)
San Francisco, CA, 94110


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