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60+ Tequilas and Killer Guacamole in the Seaport

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After tomorrow’s Cinco de Mayo festivities, you may not want to take a look at a bottle of tequila for a year.

Then again, you may be up for it again by early next week.

Which reminds us: Rosa Mexicano, your new reason to genuflect before the agave gods, opens for dinner this Tuesday in the Seaport.

This is your newest worship center for all things tequila—conveniently located on the waterfront (the more water near your tequila worship, the better).

So after debriefing each other on how that donkey wound up in your sauna on Sunday (wearing your favorite hoodie, no less), you and some friends can bloom back to life here over a few hangover-reducing La Pinelas (silver tequila, cinnamon, pineapple). Or just jump right back on the straight-tequila train with something from their 60-plus-strong list, highlighted by a $100-per-shot, aged-in-a-Bordeaux-barrel-for-12-months number (we hear it tastes like Jaliscan unicorn tears).

And some advice: eat something (lessens the next-day wallop). They have plenty of Chamorro (crispy marinated pork shank, chipotle-creamed spinach, chili) and tableside guacamole, as well as taco and tequila flights (notice we didn’t say stop drinking).

Suggested location for this eating: out on the 130-seat outdoor patio.

Like Superman, you draw your healing power from the sun.


Rosa Mexicano
155 Seaport Blvd
(near E Service Rd)
Boston, MA, 02210


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