Child’s Play

A Bacon Oasis in a Children’s Bookstore

None You’ve long searched for the fountainhead of human happiness.

And as you suspected all along, it’s a bacon bakery inside a children’s bookstore...

Take a long, savored whiff of Baconery, a bakery where nothing escapes a good, hearty dose of smoked pork, nestled lovingly within Books of Wonder and now open in Flatiron.

You read that right. It’s a bacon bakery smack-dab in the middle of a temple of child literacy. A cocoon of pork-infused brownies and motherly love right where you’d go to catch up on the finer points of what happens if you give a mouse a cookie. And cookies, by the way, are one of the things these guys have no shame about putting bacon in. Along with muffins, scones and chocolate-covered pretzels.

When you’ll go here: possibly every day for the rest of your triumphant, cholesterol-shortened life. All the goods are in gleaming glass cases just off to the right as you walk in. If you’ve got to take out a kid on the way to the last chocolate peanut butter bacon cookie, that’s the breaks. But we suggest just pulling up a chair and settling in for a Harold and the Purple Crayon sesh over some marshmallow bars (which, of course, prominently feature bacon).

If you can squeeze naptime in there somewhere, you’re an American hero.


inside Books of Wonder
18 W 18th St
New York, NY, 10011

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