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If you were naming a horse, it’d be called Tantamount to Seduction.

If you were to drink a drink during the Derby, it’d be a julep.

And if you care about either of those things, there’s this place.

Say hello to Siro’s, a mammoth house of seafood, bourbon and horse racing from Mariano Rivera and two Entourage guys (just hold your judgment until the end), arriving in Midtown Friday.

Just go ahead and think of this as your new Kentucky home away from... Kentucky. Also: away from Saratoga, where the legendary original’s been kicking around since before the days of Seabiscuit.

Anyway, it’s 15,000 feet of block-cut swordfish, lobsters that’d stand a fighting chance against you if they were alive and Woodford Reserve mint juleps that don’t exist elsewhere. In other words: where you’ll be this Saturday when Churchill Downs becomes a world capital.

Which is exactly the point. The place is covered head-to-toe in horse-racing photos and paintings by George Kalinsky, god of Madison Square Garden photography for 45 years (also a regular at the upstate Siro’s). So naturally, they’re breaking in the place with a Cinco de Mayo party. Kidding. It’s a massive, BYO seersucker Derby affair. Meaning: start looking for a bugle and a date with a crazy hat collection.

Or a milliner with a crazy bugle collection.


885 2nd Ave
(between 47th and 48th)
New York, NY, 10017


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