Taco the Town

Mexican Coke and Sweet Pork Tacos

None Bruce Springsteen: the pride of New Jersey.

Tacos: the pride of Mexico (along with Salma Hayek).

Trucks: the pride of, um, non-car-based mobility.

Eating tacos from a truck hailing from the Garden State: now the pride of your lunch hours.

Presenting The Taco Truck, a new river-adjacent vehicle loaded with most of the treats of Mexico, now open in Cambridge.

Consider this the reason to finally retire that taco-holster fanny pack you’ve been known to wear during your strolls along the Charles. Because as of yesterday, the order windows of this New Jersey–based taco-slinging outfit have been flung open. Ensuring you’ll never again have to go without slow-braised sweet pork tacos, fried plantains and real-deal Mexican Coke (read: like cola).

You’ll also be happy to know that you can land toasted Mexican sandwich-y tostadas like braised shredded beef and marinated grilled chicken topped with onions and pickled jalapeños (watching people rowing does tend to make you hungry).

For now, it’s parked only outside Harvard Square, but keep your eyes peeled: there are plans to get this thing rolling to the South End and other spots around Boston proper.

No, in your living room isn’t one of them.

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