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Duck, Duck, Goose

A Bootlegger’s Hideout Turned Tavern

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It was inevitable...

Like a pilot descended from the Wright brothers.

Or a surgeon hailing from a long line of samurai. (Or, you know, doctors.)

A cocktail bar with a serious bootlegging past appears...

Raise a glass to Goose & Gander, a Prohibition-era hot spot turned swank tavern slinging some of wine country’s most potent cocktails out of its basement bar, now open in St. Helena.

Think of this as a cocktail-obsessed safe house in the heart of Napa.

You’ll come to this lodge-inspired clubhouse—the most recent iteration of Walter Martini’s 1923 bi-level bungalow—after tasting your way up Highway 29. And then you’ll do as the winemakers do after a wine-saturated day: drink tequila, some rum, maybe a splash of whiskey, too.

The cellar-like bar is essentially just as you left it back in the Martini House days, only now with fancier cocktails—including a bourbon/black tea liqueur Leatherman or the huckleberry/vodka Huck Yu.

Gone: the old joint’s white tablecloths and Persian rugs. Now: not that. Once you’re tucked into a U-shaped booth made of black tufted leather, order up dishes such as the bone marrow burger with duck-fat-fried potatoes.

Come June, you’ll spend summer nights on the patio alternating between the bar, fire pit and koi pond.

June is a huge month for koi ponds.

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