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As we understand it, there’s an upcoming day devoted solely to drinking the stuff.

Yep, next Tuesday. Gonna be great.

Also, we think Cinco de Mayo’s around the corner. Anyway, you might want to come here...

Presenting Copita Tequileria y Comida, a shiny new palace of tequila and only tequila (and, okay, some mezcal), soft-opening Saturday in Sausalito.

Imagine a cantina plucked from some side street in Mexico City and lovingly dropped onto Bridgeway—all burnt orange walls, flung-open windows and wagon-wheel chandeliers. (You could always use more wagon-wheel chandeliers.)

You’ll come here whenever you and a gang of agave aficionados find yourselves parched on the other side of the Golden Gate—say, on the Fifth of May. Your first stop: the mahogany bar, where you’ll find a backlit display of roughly 80 bottles of tequila and mezcal—basics from the highlands, the lowlands, the, uh... middlelands.

Then grab a marble table on the front patio to commence the margarita drinking—try the off-menu Lorenzo made with a double pour of blanco tequila. (You could always use more tequila, too.)

There’s also a cobalt-blue rostizador (a rotisserie spit) with rows of chickens roasting inside. You can get a whole bird for the table, or carnitas slow-cooked for 24 hours.

Because 25 would be friggin’ ridiculous.

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