Chef Louie Night

Pig Out

Like the ’86 Celtics of Dinners

None You’ve always wanted to coach a great team.

The ’11 Bruins. The ’04 Sox. The ’97 Friars.

Or just shy of those: an all-star culinary squad with talent from the likes of KO Prime, Coppa, Island Creek Oyster Bar and O Ya.

Good news: here’s your chance.

Presenting a beer-and-bacon edition of Chef Louie Night, a pop-up dinner at the BCAE where you’ll steer the menu, accepting reservations now for Sunday.

In short, this is your shot to help direct a one-night-only meal helmed by an ’86 Celtics-esque roster of local chefs. And, you’ll be attending this meal as both coach and spectator. (Think: the food version of Whoopi Goldberg in Eddie.)

It starts by you going to the website and voting on your choice of beer style (German, American, Mexican) and bacon-consumption format. Plus, you’ll select three ingredients (say, eggs, maple syrup and chocolate) that the chefs will have to include in the dinner. (In the past, when pork and Oreos were chosen, it resulted in... “Porkeos.” We don’t know either.)

Then, you’ll just show up on Sunday for the four-course, bacon-and-beer-fueled dinner that you helped create. Oh, and if you want to see all the magic unfold, opt for the chef’s table seats.

It’s where K.C. Jones would sit.


Chef Louie Night
at the BCAE
122 Arlington St
Boston, MA, 02116

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