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Big-Game Fishing Off the Australian Coast

None 6 Photos Wild Bush Luxury Lodge at Kuri Bay
Ah, the simple, relaxing joys of fishing.

Just you, some bait, a cooler full of domestic beer and a lake.

Or, you know, you, a seaplane, an 80-pound swordfish, imported beer and a twin 225 horsepower outboard off the coast of Australia.

Start prepping your tackle box immediately.

Introducing Wild Bush Luxury Lodge at Kuri Bay, a remote fishing retreat Down Under where you’ll go to hook the big one, taking reservations now.

So, before you get on the seaplane (it’s the only way in or out) to this pearl plantation turned fishing village, look in the mirror and ask yourself two things:

1. Am I ready to square off with a mammoth barracuda?
2. Do I like to eat pearl-meat canapés on a private beachfront veranda?

If you answered in the affirmative to both, get on that plane.

Once you arrive (and fill up on canapés), it’ll be time to fish. Assisting in your quest to catch the Moby-Dick of mackerels: a wave-jumping outrigger and a seafaring bushman (picture Quint from Jaws, but with boomerang skills).

He’ll show you how to bare-hand crab in a sand flat (that’ll be lunch). He’ll take you on a tour of the world’s biggest humpback-breeding area. And, of course, he’ll help you land the type of fish that would look great mounted over your mantelpiece.

Now, to get a mantelpiece...

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