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The Women of National Librarian Day

9 Photos The Women of National Librarian Day
None 9 Photos The Women of National Librarian Day
This is shaping up to be a great day.

Spring is in the air. You had a bone-in cowboy steak for breakfast. Your hair is not unlike a tousled lion’s mane.

Also, it’s National Librarian Day.

Which means it’s time to take pause and pay homage to those stack-dwelling, microfiche-handling gatekeepers to the golden age of literature.

Especially these ones...

Sharpen your gaze on The Women of National Librarian Day, a photographic memoir in honor of the lovely ladies who dedicate their lives to keeping you in books. Or at least pretend to in movies.

In order to fully understand the rich and storied past of these keepers of the written word, you must first develop an appreciation for... actually, for now, let’s just appreciate their ability to fill out a pencil skirt and a pair of horn-rimmed glasses.

And to that end, we’ve assembled a handpicked mélange of bookish beauties like Jordan Strange (waifish model by day, waifish model in front of books by night) and Pam Anderson from her... inspiring performance as a bookstore clerk in the tragically underappreciated sitcom Stacked.

Also making cameos: Rosario Dawson, Mia Kirshner wearing nothing more than a paperback and a smile, and Goldie Hawn... holding books.

Librarian. Goldie Hawn. Same thing.

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