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Hunting for Bags in the Scottish Highlands

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Hunting and gathering.

Seventy thousand years ago, it was a necessary means for survival.

Today, it’s a completely optional (but highly recommended) means for knapsack construction.

Also, a great excuse to visit Scotland.

Introducing The Fraser Balgowan Experience, a bespoke bag-making operation that has you living out of a 19th-century Scottish castle and buck hunting for your soon-to-be satchel, taking reservations now.

Imagine if Giorgio Armani personally took you gator wrangling for a briefcase. And then sat with you in his lakeside villa and designed it. That’s pretty much the idea here. Only this label is run by a husband-and-wife team (he shoots, she fashions) that makes their rugged-looking pieces out of locally milled tweed, polished brass buckles and hand-tanned, genuine red deer.

Which, of course, you’ll be charged with tracking/hunting through the Scottish Highlands. Relax, you’ll have backup. And it’s all optional. You can always stand by in head-to-toe sporting-wool camo while a guide handles the bolt-action business.

And after you’re finished getting your hands dirty, you’ll be picked up via vintage Rolls and transported back to Inverlochy Castle (yours for the weekend), where a Michelin-starred feast will be waiting. As will the deer hunter’s wife, with some blueprints for your new duffel. Or tote. Or iPad case.

They draw the line at fanny packs.

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