The League

You: Now a Semi-Pro Rugby Player

None Rugby.

It’s that sport that’s sort of like NFL football, with no pads, fewer teeth and more beer afterward.

Looks like fun. Maybe you should go pro in it.

Presenting the USA Rugby League Open Tryouts, going down at MIT and open to anyone with a dream (of rugby), accepting registrations now.

So once you’ve signed up and made it to Briggs Field at MIT on Sunday, you’ll start by meeting the coaches (one of whom was a former pro rugby player for Lebanon). Next, you’ll run through conditioning and rugby drills—including how to grip and carry the ball, tackling, catching and passing, and, yes, scrumming (that thing where everyone huddles and grunts). Finally, you’ll watch some videos (more real-game footage than, say, Invictus).

If you’re one of the lucky 25 selected, you’ll be placed on the roster for one of two Boston semi-pro teams, including the infamous Oneida FC—which was founded 150 years ago and used to play on Boston Common.

No word if they were coached by Belichick’s grandpappy.


USA Rugby League Open Tryouts
at Briggs Field at MIT
Cambridge, MA, 02139

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