The King Is Dead

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The King Is Dead Opens

Let's be honest.

When it comes to nightlife, you're a member of the inner court.

As such, you deserve a club that treats you like a king. Or at least a younger, more handsome Merlin.

Introducing The King Is Dead, a new royalty-themed nightclub (yes, really) opening in the Design District this Saturday.

If Sean Connery and Tommy Lee opened a club, it would look something like this. Located next to foliage-filled Grass (and brought to you by the same owners), the castle-like spot is accessed through medieval wooden doors, setting the tone for the dynastic debauchery within. Inside you'll find a space that is truly committed to its Knights Templar motif, but in all the good ways (think Vegas-style panache) and none of the bad (read: Epcot).

In addition to a 17th-century pulpit that serves as a DJ booth, there are plenty of leather throne-like chairs available for your monarchical exploits. But ultimately you'll want to head into the all-black VIP room, complete with a dungeon-like walk-in shower. We're told it's more of a hangout spot for hired dancers than an actual place to bathe, but you never know...

It's not like the king is going to stop you.


The King Is Dead
10 NE. 40th St
(between NE. 1st and N. Miami Ave)
Design District
Miami, FL, 33137

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