Things to do for April 05, 2012

The Weekender

Free Grilled Cheese and a Private Warehouse Concert

The weekend is a tradition unlike any other.

UD - Food Trucks. Bongos. Proceed...

Food Trucks. Bongos. Proceed...

If you’ve said it once, you’ve said it a million times: Dallas needs more bongos. Okay, maybe not. But there’s a food truck party at Sunflower Market with Good Karma Kitchen, Rock and Roll Tacos, Nammi, Three Lions and, yes, a live bongo performance. No word on if it’s McConaughey.

UD - The Rangers, Hot Dogs, Beers and You

The Rangers, Hot Dogs, Beers and You

If you can’t be at the ballpark—you gave your seats to Mrs. Bush, again—we have the next best thing. Knox Street Pub is showing the game on every screen and serving up dollar hot dogs, pints and nachos. Just be ready in case Ron Wash calls you up.

UD - A Huge Music Festival in Deep Ellum

A Huge Music Festival in Deep Ellum

This weekend, 200-plus artists and 100-plus bands are invading Deep Ellum. You, you’ll be sipping pints from the Deep Ellum Brewery and grabbing slices from the Il Cane Rosso tent as rock bands like the Virgin Wolves play on one of the five stages. Remember to wait 30 minutes before stage-diving.

UD - A Warehouse Shindig. Why Not...

A Warehouse Shindig. Why Not...

Speaking of bands: in honor of the big new bridge over the Trinity River (this city loves elevated roads), there’s a warehouse party at the Nest. Featured: 10 local artists. Rocking: 10 local bands, playing till 1am. You never miss a warehouse party for a new bridge.

Apr 7, 3pm-1am, $15, The Nest, 425 Bedford St, tickets here

Next Thursday
UD - Gratis Grilled Cheese at Norma’s

Gratis Grilled Cheese at Norma’s

Finally. The wait is over. It’s time. Yep, it’s National Grilled Cheese Day. To honor this holy day, Norma’s is serving up gratis grilled cheese sandwiches with every order. You know you’re at Norma’s when grilled cheese is considered a side.

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