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Wednesday. The day when there’s just enough of your week completed, and just a little too much left before the weekend. Don’t worry: we bring word of liquor-y milkshakes, oyster burgers and a place to get them both. Here are four things you need to know about Grass Fed, open as of today in JP.

It’s probably best as a takeaway spot...
But if you want to stay, know that it’s got 21 brushed-steel seats to complement the local beer (Pretty Things, Declaration) and minimalist interior, brought to you by the owner of Ten Tables in JP and P-Town on the Cape.

The real draw is the burgers, naturally.
They all come from daily-ground, grass-fed beef (hence the name). Go for their five-ounce oyster burger, which comes topped with house tartar sauce and a whole fried oyster. Or just the classic double cheeseburger.

But it’s not all burgers.
Just in case you’re in the mood for something else, they’ve got poutine, grilled cheese with bacon and farm eggs, and truffle fries.

Oh yes, your milkshakes will come with tequila.

Of course, you can still get one virgin-style, but when they’re whipping up vanilla and chocolate ice cream shakes loaded with rum, tequila and caramel vodka, it seems like a wasted opportunity.

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