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Two New Pizza Joints: A Field Guide

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Last week, two neighborhood Italian joints opened: Pizza Rustica near Wrigleyville and Forza in Lincoln Park (above). In the interest of keeping you updated on all pizza-and-Negroni-related news, here’s a breakdown:

The Immigrant Backstory

Pizza Rustica: A Venetian seduces a deep-dish town with a BYOB storefront on Sheridan. Seven years later, he moves across the street to open an Italian farmhouse... with a bar.
Forza: An Australian man, of Calabrian descent, travels to Chicago for a three-week vacation, sticks around, meets a chef, and together they create an Italian sports bar.
The Edge: Forza. You like a good twist.

The Pizza, Etc.
Pizza Rustica: Venetian: square, oven-baked pies, replete with everything from blue cheese to pineapple. Plus, housemade pasta, sea bass and steak.
Forza: Sicilian: medium-thin pies from an Italy-trained chef. Also: spicy bow tie pasta and housemade Italian sausage.
The Edge: Pizza Rustica. You and their pizza have developed a certain bond.

The Cocktails
Pizza Rustica: Odes to Harry’s Bar classics like the Spritz (Aperol and prosecco) and a Rossini: a strawberry Bellini.
Forza: A Beverly Hills mixologist plans a menu that will include dry ice and/or flaming cocktails. Until then, there’s something called the Hillbilly Italiano.
The Edge: Forza. You love European hillbillies.

You’ll Be Happy This Place Exists...
Pizza Rustica: ... before or after a Cubs game. It’s within walking distance of Wrigley.
Forza: ... when you need to simultaneously watch Australian-rules football, Italian soccer and a Bulls game.
The Edge: Rustica. After all, this is the Cubs’ year.

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