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Icebar Opens in Orlando

We love the city, but let's face it, we love leaving it even more. Hence Get Out of Dodge, which periodically hooks you up with the best getaways just a short skip away. Get going...

Orlando is the land of make-believe. And while those fantasies tend to be the G-rated type, sometimes the theme-park town ups its cool factor and appeals to you.


Introducing Icebar, a year-round arctic-themed nightspot, surreally located in the middle of the Sunshine State.

Think of Icebar as your new 27-degree hangout, a place to kick back, let loose and maybe uncover some cold hard truths when things in Miami get a little overheated. You'll feel like you stumbled onto the set of From Russia with Love, complete with waitresses dressed in white snow suits and communist-sexy fur hats.

After you've paid the entry fee, you're issued a thermal cape and gloves to embark on your arctic adventure. Each visit is limited to 45 minutes: enough time to savor a cocktail in a glass carved from ice as you lounge on ice blocks draped with fur throws and admire the sculpted fireplace, lit with low-wattage electric flames.

When you're in the mood to defrost, retreat to the Chill Lounge, a silver and white antechamber bedecked with glowing Lucite tables, crystal chandeliers and caviar service.

Or you could always devise other ways of keeping warm.


8967 International Dr
(at Sand Lake Rd)
Sand Lake Commons
Orlando, FL, 32819

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