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Competitive Bocce in FiDi

None There’s been lots of talk about bowling lately.

You know, tenpins, ball returns, polyester shirts.

So we’d like to take a moment to discuss the lawn version as perfected by our friends in Italy (presumably over many bottles of wine).

And let you know where you can get in on some official bocce tournament action...

Presenting the Bocce League at the Hidden Vine, the city’s first wine-bar-organized conference of lawn bowling, registering teams Friday for an April 14 league kick off.

You’re probably no stranger to the Hidden Vine’s outdoor court, and you’re equally familiar with their vino collection. So it goes without saying that you’ve perfected the one-handed toss and have never, ever spilled a drop of sangiovese.

Basically, you’ve been primed for competition long before it was ever an option.

Of course, we’re using the word “competition” loosely, and really anyone can join. But since scores will be kept and winners and losers will be tracked during the five weeks leading to the playoffs, you’ll want to enlist up to three of your most cunning bocce-playing friends.

Then, you’ll need to choose between the Monday league—aka Stag’s Leap League—or the Saturday Rutherford League. Each game day, you’ll play two rounds while enjoying league discounts on wine (you’ll need to hydrate).

They provide T-shirts, but nothing would psych your opponents out more than customized team uniforms.

Other than a team marching band, naturally.


Bocce League at the Hidden Vine
408 Merchant St
(at Battery)
San Francisco, CA, 94111

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