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A New Sports Bar by the Triple A

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The scent of polished hardwood is in the air. Brackets are being busted left and right. The pageantry. The poetry.

Yep, Dancing with the Stars is back for another season.

Also: March Madness is in full swing.

You need a new watch spot. Directly in front of the Triple A, let’s say.

Prepare to meet the sports equivalent of a NASA control room: Hoops Sports Bar & Grill, now open in Downtown.

To help you appreciate the technology fueling your bracket tracking, some stats: 184 plasma TVs (several that clock in at a respectable 150 inches). Forty-two beers on draft (including Kona Longboard Island Lager and Brooklyn Lager). And then more plasmas gracing every single commode in the establishment. (Which reminds us: this place also serves 128-ounce towers of beer.)

It all starts on the ground floor of the 900 Biscayne building, where you’ll first lay eyes on the breezy outdoor patio overlooking the bay. Inside: a multitiered dining room with dark wood floors, marble-topped bars and a glass-enclosed room guarding the kegs from the elements (e.g., Bulls fans).

You’ll come here for a pre-Heat-game pint and fill up on dive-bar delicacies like bourbon-peppercorn burgers and nachos—all served by a bartender in a special-issue referee corset.

Dick Bavetta could use some definition around the waist.


Hoops Sports Bar & Grill
900 Biscayne Blvd
Miami, FL, 33128


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