The Penthouse at Wilkes Bashford

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You, a Fireplace and Italy’s Finest Suits

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Ah, Naples in spring.

Wine-filled day trips to Positano. Expertly tailored Italian suits. Aggressive pizza.

If only it would come to you...

For the suits (and maybe the aggressive pies), look no further than The Penthouse at Wilkes Bashford—a newly renovated top floor of excellence, now home to exclusive Kiton and Brioni made-to-measure boutiques in Union Square.

Think of this as your Union Square living room: full bar, big flat-screen, flaming gas fireplace. Just with a few extras like custom duds.

This weekend, in celebration of the Kiton shop opening, you can also stop by and rub elbows with Kiton’s chairman, Massimo Bizzocchi. He’s actually flown in from the Kiton factory in Naples with his crew, including master tailor Pasquale, Bruno the cobbler and shirt guru Rafaella—enabling you to put a face to the handiwork in your closet.

And going forward, the last part of the penthouse will be a made-to-measure lounge, where you’ll find other labels like Zegna, Isaia and Sartoria Partenopea. There’ll also be a fully functioning cocktail bar that’ll be decked with bolts of suiting fabric in case you want to make your next three-piece over martinis or Aperol spritzers.

It’s how the best three-pieces are made.


The Penthouse at Wilkes Bashford
375 Sutter St
(at Stockton)
San Francisco, CA, 94108


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