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New Lincoln Park Sports Pub

You've never been one to get caught up in the maddening crowd. But as Wrigleyville falls into the grip of tonight's playoff game, we thought you'd appreciate a tip on where to escape the maddening...lack of beer after the seventh inning.

Say hello to Sully's House, a large Irish sports pub tucked on the corner of two tiny Lincoln Park side streets.

Far from the mayor's late-inning Prohibition zone, the two-story building began life as a turn-of-the-century beer-and-a-shot joint and has seen its fortunes rise and fall as many times as the Cubs during the last century. And 2008 seems to be its year.

Since you are now freed from hording beer during the sixth inning, you can take time to fully explore the 30-bottle list and 20-handle tap, offering everything from Wisconsin's Point Pale Ale to Belgium's Affligem Blond. Though you won't mistake this for gastropub territory, you'll find a Guinness-battered nod to fish and chips and a fresh mozzarella on your pizza.

Still, you're here for the sports. The place is outfitted with the full complement of flat panels, HD projections and state-of-the-art sound system. Distractions like gaudy neon memorabilia and the weekly Wii Rock Band competitions are relegated to upstairs.

At least until Rock Band playoffs come around.


Sully's House
1501 N. Dayton St
(at Blackhawk)
Lincoln Park
Chicago, IL, 60622

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