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Champagne and Showgirls on SoBe

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Ah, Romania.

The stunning Carpathian Mountains. The gold-medal gymnasts. The inspiration behind Count Chocula.

But back to those gymnasts for a second...

Allow us to introduce you to Bamboo, an over-the-top theater of showgirls and acrobatics from a seasoned crew of Romanian nightlife impresarios, soft-opening this Thursday and Friday and open to the public in April.

You’ll remember this as the Paris Theatre—the deco cinema that lovingly housed skin flicks in the 1970s. (Safe to say it’s been cleaned up a bit since then.)

The concept: a gigantic, Romanesque cabaret party in the heart of South Beach. You’ll walk into a long hallway with several six-foot Buddhas and chairs with crystal-collared onyx greyhounds as armrests before entering the madness ahead.

In the next room, you’ll find the beating heart of Bamboo: a 27,000-square-foot theater with couches outfitted in satin, cream-colored wood-grain finish, marble tabletops built to support stilettoed heels and a giant, 30-foot, two-ton crystal chandelier, swaying above 1,000 of your closest friends and a rotating roster of theatrical performances.

So on any given night you may find yourself looking on as the hydraulic DJ booth moves through the crowd. Or pulled onto the largest LED stage in the city by dancers on swings under a deluge of ticker tape.

Go ahead, volunteer to push.


550 Washington Ave
Miami Beach, FL, 33139


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