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Dancing and Cocktails on Washington Avenue

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Allow us to take you back to a very special period in time.

It’s 1996. Washington Avenue on South Beach.

Madonna, Versace and tight pleather pants as far as the eye can see.

Yes, it was magical. Good news: Madge and company are back. Sort of.

Welcome to Queen Lounge, a plush den of mezcal flights and DJ-enhanced mingling, soft-opening this Monday.

Your journey starts at the velvet ropes on Washington Avenue (consider them a formality). Once inside, you’ll find a wonderland of chocolate brown, shimmering gold and crystal chandeliers laden with LED lights. Your fellow revelers: Kate Moss, Lenny Kravitz and Johnny Depp. (Well, there’re pictures of them posing on the walls. Close enough.)

You’ll want to roll up to the bar and start off with a classic—a Sazerac, maybe. But the throngs of bodies shimmying before you require a cocktail that rises up to the occasion. Something like the Wild Side—mezcal and vermouth spiked with homemade tobacco bitters. (So yeah, appropriately named.)

When you’re here with a bunch of friends, you’ll want to nab one of the black-leather loungers by the DJ booth, where the bottle service comes equipped with its own bartender for the night. Oh, and you can also order braised-pork tacos whipped up by a Sra. Martinez alum.

It’s not a party until the pork shows up.


Queen Lounge
841 Washington Ave
Miami Beach, FL, 33139


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