Show Us Your Shamrock


An Absinthe-and-Lucky-Charms Milkshake

None Before we get into today’s story, we’d like you to remember the Care Bears.

They reportedly hailed from a mythical sugary cloudland, breathing sweet-smelling air after long nights of marshmallow dreams.

Now, take that whimsical image and distill it into a milkshake. Then, add liquid nitrogen. And absinthe.

Which gets you Show Us Your Shamrock, an absinthe-rich and Lucky Charms–topped milkshake, available only today and tomorrow at Blue Inc.

Sure, you’re still operating at optimal work levels (you’ve got the email chains to prove it). But at this point, you’re starting to get what some respected behavioral psychologists have called “pre–Paddy’s Day antsy-pants” (remember: if you begin to sweat Irish whiskey, call your doctor).

The solution: make your way to Blue Inc. and order this (no, Riverdancing isn’t required). In a few minutes, you’ll be presented with a Collins glass filled with a creamy, pastel-green milkshake made with vanilla ice cream, peppermint, absinthe and green dye (making this the first of your green-dyed cocktails this weekend).

Oh, and the whole thing is topped with liquid-nitrogen crème de menthe dots, whipped cream and actual Lucky Charms. It looks like something out of Candy Land and basically begs to be tried by anyone around you, so be ready to share a sip with friends.

Note: this may not be the drink to have with your chairman.


Show Us Your Shamrock
available at Blue Inc.
131 Broad St
Boston, MA, 02110

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