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Two things you've always loved: (1) a good food pairing; and (2) strange theatrical gimmicks. And in those rare times when both come together...

You get Sonia Rose, opening tomorrow night.

A neighborhood LES French restaurant, most nights Sonia Rose will feel like...a neighborhood LES French restaurant. But every now and then Sonia will pull out a "special night" in which she'll unleash a full pairing experience.

On such evenings, guests will be seated at the same time and taken through a multi-course rustic French feast in which each dish will be paired with an appropriate live-music and art selection. So, while you're biting into your Free Range Hen with Perigourdine Sauce and Truffle Oil Game Liver, the live-string quartet on the front stage will be playing a piece that seems to go well with hen. Meanwhile, the restaurant will be dark save some candlelight and stage lights focused on a single piece of art that allegedly brings out the best in your poultry. (We'd assume something by Goya.)

For the next couple weeks, Sonia will be doing "rehearsal dinners," and while we're not completely sure what that means, we know they will be serving a $20 prix fixe and the place will be BYOB. Which, given the financial times (and your vast wine collection), makes for a potentially interesting date night.

Provided she's up for a little drama.


Sonia Rose
74 Orchard St
(at Grand)
Lower East Side
New York, NY, 10002


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