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Somerville’s Newest House of Tequila

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Enough about St. Paddy’s Day. We all know it’s Saturday.

Instead, let’s switch gears. Say, over to tequila. And killer tacos. And more tequila. And the newest place to get it all in Davis Square.

Direct your eyeballs toward The Painted Burro, Somerville’s new church for worshipping all things tequila, tacos and Mexican donkey-unicorns, opening Monday.

Picture the dark, candlelit feel of the old Gargoyles space giving way to something brighter and rustic-ier, with a refurbished wood bar with hand-pressed tin panels from Mexico. Give it skulls and a huge mural with a donkey-unicorn. That’s this.

Once inside, grab a little bar space and blow off some steam with some Mexican suds (Sol, Pacifico) and some tacos. Our pick: the Chupacabra Tacos, featuring housemade chorizo, lamb neck, pork, skirt steak and pickled cabbage (aka the five food groups of Mexico). Feel free to supplement with the fundido dip, made with oaxaca, chihuahua and manchego cheeses (good dates = melted cheese).

But let’s not forget why you came here: the 100-plus tequilas. Sure, there are margaritas, but you’ll want to make your way through a tasting flight. Or just sip on a DeLéon Extra Añejo, the first cask-strength, 102-proof tequila on the market.

Mondays have been waiting for this.

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