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A Bordello-esque Whiskey Lair in Oakland

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It’s Monday.

So naturally, the weekend is on your mind.

Which reminds us about a certain Irish holiday that’s coming up. And a new whiskey abode where you can celebrate...

Raise a tumbler to The Night Light, a two-story cocktail sanctuary with a nautical, cabaret-themed whiskey den and an upstairs live music venue, opening Friday in Jack London Square.

Kicking open its doors just in time for a single-malt-fueled blowout means that it’ll be here if you want to come clad in your emerald-hued best. But it’s also where you’ll come for Manhattans and eventually some live music.

Once you pass the marquee-lit arches and head farther into this shadowy retreat, you’ll end up at the bar decked with classic nude paintings as well as sconces salvaged from the bulkhead of an old ship.

The woodsy ambience pretty much calls for straight whiskey, but there’s also the hometown favorite, Linden Street’s Burning Oak Black Lager. Either way you go, you’ll want to park in the oxblood-leather wingback chairs and melt into the seafaring/bordello feel of the place.

As for the upstairs, in about six weeks, it’ll play host to a members-only live music venue—where the lifetime fee is $2, and you’ll see everything from folk to indie to funk bands.

The best use of a Thomas Jefferson note we’ve heard of...


The Night Light
311 Broadway
(at 4th St)
Oakland, CA, 94607


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