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Steak Sandwiches and Cheesecake on Melrose

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You’ve run the stats. Crunched the numbers. Your brackets are immaculate.

Finally, the time is at hand for Sandwich Madness.

Step inside Marcona, your new Melrose shrine to beautiful things between bread, soft-opening this Saturday.

It’s a classy little drop-in place, with coffered ceilings, a gleaming deli counter and the occasional swirl of a matador’s cape. (A marcona is a Spanish almond, a common ingredient here. Hence the paintings of matadors. Sort of.)

You might also get distracted by rows of granola, olive oil and honey-walnut brittle. Go ahead, grab some to take home. We’re not in the business of nudging you away from honey-walnut brittle.

But really, you’re here for the sandwiches. They’ve got a BLT with thick bacon on a salty pretzel roll. A hanger steak concoction with blue cheese and apricot chutney. And if last night was a rough one, grab a couple $5 Bodegas with bacon, fried egg and cheese.

So yeah, you’ll come here when you need to return to the office bearing lunch, or when you’re headed home for a Netflix date. And in the latter case, you’ll probably want a pile of cookies and cherry cheesecake, too.

And something for your date.

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