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An Enormous Beer Hall on Wells

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Your task list for the week:
  • Get your shillelagh polished.
  • Hire temp with calligraphy skills for office bracket pool.
  • Drink beer.
Here to assist with that last one: Old Town Pour House, a colossal mahogany Shangri-La dedicated to your ongoing pursuit of the perfect draft beer, opening tomorrow on Wells.

The guys behind the Boundary, Sweetwater and South Branch have taken over the onetime 33 Club, transforming it into what amounts to an opulent beer hall. There are 120 draft handles, out of which flow 90 kinds of beer. Porters. Stouts. Belgians. Lambics. Pilsners. All squeezed into a humble little joint gigantic 10,000-square-foot space that makes an airplane hangar look cozy.

Actually, you wouldn’t be out of line suggesting this for a business dinner over filet mignon sliders or crab fondue in a big tufted booth in the back. It doesn’t hurt that there are a couple of 103-inch televisions helping you keep an eye on the games this week (you’ve got a lot riding on Iona).

When you’re ready to throw down with a pair of flame-haired Irish step dancers you met on a runaway St. Pat’s float, take up at a copper-topped communal table.

Just don’t go commando under your kilt this year.

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