Asian Tapas and Live Shows in Central Square

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It’s a big place.

And it’s given you so many great things over the years: artwork from the Ming Dynasty. Fighting monks. Tommy Chong (by way of Canada).

Here’s one more: Moksa, the long-awaited den of Asian street food and live music, soft-opening a week from today in Cambridge.

Brought to you by Patricia Yeo (Ginger Park, OM), this place is like a traditional Japanese izakaya (which you know to be a buzzing watering hole that serves small plates) with a surprise in the back (but more on that later).

You’ll want to come in with a few gents from the office or with a date, grab a table and start with one of seven types of noodles (we like the hand-cut ramen with pork belly). Your next conquests: wok-fired bok choy (Chinese cabbage) and small plates of grilled lamb meatballs, duck breast and chicken skins. Wash it all down with cocktails that use housemade brandy-, gin- and rum-based tea bitters (ideal if you’re fighting a cold).

And depending on the night, you’ll then proceed back to Naga, a humongous nightclub where you’ll take in the occasional live rock band or DJ-fueled party.

All good izakayas come with a bonus nightclub.

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