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A Private Tour Up the Mozambique Channel

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More = better.

Sure, it’s tempting to settle for a single, pristine, private desert island. But we’d like to offer you the following pearl of wisdom.

You can do better. You deserve bigger. You... may want to find a sailboat.

Welcome to Castaway in Mozambique, a privately guided sailing tour of 32 uninhabited Indian Ocean islands, taking reservations now.

Think of this as pirate living on the Mozambique Channel. To be clear, the fun kind, not the Somali and/or Napster kind (relax, there’ll still be rum).

Instead, you, a native crew and any traveling companions/parrots you can tempt along will float on a wooden dhow-style schooner down 40 miles of turquoise coastline. Occasionally docking at exotic reefs, tiny fishing villages and a sacred lake that, according to local legend, might be the Fountain of Youth. Surprising it hasn’t gotten more press, actually.

And when you’re not sailing from one white-sand beach to another, or camping out in the wild, you’ll be treated to some shore leave in a string of well-appointed lodges. One has a rooftop bar. Another, a bedroom suite built between mangrove and baobab trees.

Coincidentally, not a bad place to bury a treasure.


Castaway in Mozambique
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