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Beads. Hurricanes. Funny hats. Floats.

But enough about Presidents’ Day.

Today’s Mardi Gras. Time to get serious. Let’s focus on the things that will be around after tonight: cold beer, thick burgers and a place to moor your flotilla this summer.

Welcome to Estate Ultra Bar, your new bar away from home, now open in River West.

Replacing that beautiful mess you remember as Slow Down... Life’s Too Short, it still affords inspiring views of the river, the Division Street Bridge and... the Mercedes-Benz dealership. The interior, however, offers the simple comforts of home: a trophy room, a DJ booth, LED lights, a bar at the center of the action—and outside, a dock for your boat. (We’re thinking of Mark Cuban’s place.)

It’s situated far enough from other bars that you’ll just make a night of it here. The logical place to start: lobster mac and cheese with a Goldfish-cracker crust—though starting with red-velvet-cake lollipops coated with Pop Rocks frosting has a certain logic, too.

As the night goes on and the DJ has cranked the Top 40, you’ll find that you’re migrating toward the picture windows, wistfully dreaming of spring—a time when you’ll be outside in the semi-enclosed heated gazebo or on the panoramic rooftop deck drinking the egg-white/maple-syrup number known as Whiskey for Breakfast.

Also good for dessert.

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