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The Biggest Belgian Restaurant in New York

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You used to think Phoebe Cates was the greatest thing to come out of a body of water.

Then, you discovered mussels.

And next week, you’ll discover the largest Belgian restaurant in New York.

So prepare. Steel yourself. Dust off your baguette-dunking skills.

Meet Brabant, a massive Midtown brasserie that you’ll lean on for steamed mollusks, Trappist beers and thrice-fried pommes frites, taking reservations now and opening next Monday.

Included inside is everything you need to survive winter’s final push. A cozy, exposed-brick dining room. An oversized, oak-accented marble bar. Beer. Speck. And the most beloved global export of Brussels besides Van Damme... heavily marinated moules.

Yes, it’s the authentic mussel-pot portion of the menu that you’ll want to focus on here. So it’s imperative you bring a date who enjoys seafood and is completely comfortable with you double-dipping into the Wild Duvel (that’s Buffalo-sauce-slathered bivalves with a pint of ale poured on top).

Of course, if you’d like to wash down your hoppy shellfish with a beer in bottle form, you’ll have 50 Belgian-brewed options to choose from. Some lambics. Some abbeys. Some crafted by monks. They’re all individually stored at their own ideal temperature and all specifically served in their proper glass.

Now if only they’d use the correct coasters.


316 E 53rd St
(near 2nd Ave)
New York, NY, 10022


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