Slacklining at Bridges Rock Gym

Slack Off

Trying Out a Tightrope/Trampoline Hybrid

None Tightrope walking.

Mentally: sure.

Physically: well, you’ll try anything twice...

Behold Slacklining at Bridges Rock Gym, the only facility in the Bay Area (and the world’s first) to have a permanent, designated slackline operation where you can practice walking and bouncing on inch-wide, seat-belt-like webbing, ready now.

Originated by climbers in Yosemite 30 years ago, slacklining was officially put on the map by a Marin native this past Sunday during the Super Bowl—with the help of Madonna, some bird flipping and cartwheels (mostly Madonna). And now you’ll be able to perfect your technique before the masses start rallying around it.

Basically, the slackline area is open whenever the gym is open (look for the plush six-inch-thick gymnastics pads). You don’t need any appointments—or experience, for that matter. But as you practice, feel free to seek out tips from the gym staff, or Damian (the owner, who’s set slacklining world records and pioneered the butt bounce). Or you could drop in on their weekly classes held every Saturday at 1pm.

Either way, you’ll have access to up to eight lines, including: a tighter, more static gibline for walking, a dynamic trickline for advanced moves and a highline for facing down the natural human instinct against heights.

One small step...


Slacklining at Bridges Rock Gym
5635 San Diego St
(at Belmont)
El Cerrito, CA, 94530

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